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Come and join us at our facility on almost any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from September through mid-May for our 6 hour BBQ and Grilling Class. Home of the Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School - singles welcome!

4 Hour Private Classes are available!

Very little traveling is necessary when you choose the

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Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School


We teach classes from 14 to 30 people, with a minimum of 14 people to hold the class. The cost of the class includes the food — we offer a 6 hour class as well as a 4 hour Private Session.

Special 4 Hour Steak Class

$65.00 Per class
From 5 to 9 pm

Phoenix BBQ and Grilling class registration

Special 3.5 Hour Seafood Class

$55.00 Per class
From 5:30 to 9 pm

Phoenix BBQ and Grilling class registration

6 hour “Smoking And Grilling” class

Friday from ~  12 PM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday ~ 9 AM to 3 PM

Students will concentrate on smoking meats using two different types of pellet smokers including a Traeger, Grilla, One Big Easy, One Big Green Egg, and propane gas grills. In this class the students will smoke some pulled pork,  a pork tenderloin,  a brisket,  a chicken, some buffalo wings, some sweet potatoes and stuffed peppers as well as many other items.

This class will be held at the offices of the Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School from late October to late February, during the cooler part of the season, when the weather is terrific for BBQ and Grilling in Phoenix and the Phoenix area. Class size is up to 30 people. Minimum of 14 students per class. If less than 14 sign up the students will be asked to reschedule to a date where more than 10 students are available.

This class is for those who want to step up their smoking game!

All students need to bring their desired beverages – water, soda, beer, wine, etc. Also all students need to check in 15 min before class starts.

Price: $150.00 per person

Register for your desired class AFTER paying for the class through Groupon, LivingSocial

Phoenix BBQ and Grilling class registration

Register here for your BBQ and Grilling Classes AFTER paying for the class through Groupon, LivingSocial.

Phoenix BBQ and Grilling class registration
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4 Hour Private Classes!

Private 4 Hour Classes Are Available. Call for details and pricing.