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Come and join us at our facility on almost any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from September through mid-May for our 6 hour BBQ and Grilling Class. Home of the Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School - singles welcome!

4 Hour Private Classes are available!

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Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School

Gourmet Burger Class

On The Third Wednesday of Each Month – April Through October — From 6pm to 9pm the Phoenix BBQ and Grill School will be offering you a spectacular class on how to properly grind, assemble, form, grill and eat up the most wonderful gourmet hamburgers that you have ever created… and yes.. it will be you.. the students… that do the creating! And because we know that this is not enough the school will also teach you how to properly prepare some of the most tasteful french fries you have ever had! To go along with your wonderful burgers!

If you are on a diet Stay Home Baby — as these burgers are the real thing.. and they come with real fries —- and you will have a least two of these huge big boys to munch on during class……. along with some “real” fries… and yep! You can bring in your own beverages to help you enjoy the evening! If doctor says you are prone to a heart attack… PLEASE TAKE YOUR HEART MEDICINE BEFORE ATTENDING ..WHEW.. (He says with a smile!).. And don’t forget to bring a small take home container.. you might have some left overs!

So again.. we are going to teach you how to properly grind, assemble, form, cook and eat some great gourmet burgers. We will be grinding up some sirloin, brisket, short ribs, sirloin tips and some chuck to make some really tasty burgers! These are the burgers you might pay up to $16.00 for at a high end steak house and you are going to get to try at least two for the great price of $30.00 per person. During class — while we might not have the time to actually make them — we will at least show you how to make and concock… A STUIEOOIEGOOIE BURGER, A REALLY OOIEGOOIEOOIEGOOIE BURGER, A  MAUIWOWIE BURGER AND A  MAUIWOWIE WITH POWIE BURGER to mention a few.

We need at least 10 people to sign up for the class or we will ask that students choose a new date. We will close the class when we reach 26 students.

If you have any questions just give us a call at the school at 480-285-7661. At $30.00 for 1 person and $55.00 for two people this class is a bargain!

Register here for your BBQ and Grilling Classes AFTER paying for the class through Groupon, LivingSocial.

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Private 4 Hour Classes Are Available. Call for details and pricing.