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Pig Out

Phoenix  BBQ and Grilling School’s – GRAND SUMMER PIG OUT

Each ticket that is purchased has two parts…

Part A is for the main purchaser of the ticket. The main purchaser of the ticket will show up at 8 am on the day of the class and this person will take part in the preparation of the pig that is to be roasted and will help prepare a post preparation lunch… see below.

Part B is for two of the purchaser(s) friends. The friends of the main student will show up at 5 pm on the day of the class and will become post roasted pig students. During this period the main purchaser and his two student friends will learn how to properly cut up, prepare and eat a fully roasted pig!

So here again is what is going to happen: At 8 am our Phoenix BBQ Let’s Get The Year Started Pig Out Class is going to start. Up to 25 students will help prepare our 100 pound pig for the grill. At 9 am the pig will go on the grill and it will get lots of smoke. Yep you Treager Heads… come on down as this process will work on your Traeger… but you may wish to do a smaller pig at home.

Once the pig has started to cook it will be time to prepare for lunch! Yep we are going to make sure that everyone who helps to prepare the pig gets a nice lunch. The students will all help prepare the lunch which will include: A Injected and Rubbed Prime Rib Roast cooked in the Big Easy – (This was a specially requested item). We will also cook and prepare three Curry Injected Chickens and one Apple Juice Injected Chicken. One of the chickens will be cooked in a Big Easy while the others will be cooked back bone out and flat on a hot Traeger. To go along with the Chickens and Prime Rib the students will be preparing individual Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers Wrapped In Bacon, some Grilled Vegetables, some Apple Crisp along with some Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yep we are going to make smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies using our Traegers!

Now since the pig will take about 9 hours to cook — after lunch there will be about a 2 to 3 hour break where the students are free to leave the campus or hang around and help check out the pig. At 3PM all of the main students will be asked to return to the campus. While the pig is finishing up the students will help prepare the rest of the items that will be served along with the pig. The students will be preparing and cooking on a Traeger or pellet grill no less than 8 pies of which 4 will be peach pies and 4 will be apple pies. We will be smoking and cooking corn bread for all of the students and their guests along with some freshly made smoked/baked beans. To complement the meal we will of course make some cole slaw but to provide everyone with a little alternative we will also be preparing some brined and smoked turkey legs and turkey thighs.

At 5 pm… well it will just about be time to eat and each student is welcome to bring in two additional post roasted pig students. At this time all of the students will learn how to properly cut up and eat a roasted pig. This will be in the form of a class more than a formal dinner. The actual eating of the pig should begin at 6 pm. Again this will not be a real formal dinner…as we will be using paper plates and plastic forks along with our fingers…. but if the past is any indication of the future it will be pretty cool. As with all of our classes the main students and post roasted pig students are asked to provide for their own drinks. We will be providing fresh water right out of the City of Phoenix’s water tanks… so if you want anything different…. well.. like always… be prepared and bring your own drinks!  We always suggest that you bring an ice cooler filled with all of your favorite beverages!

Yea!! if it rains we have you covered… and our new facility is about twice as large as our old facility so having people mill around should not be a problem…… BUT AGAIN.. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN CAMPING CHAIR..(oops and drinks) AS WE DO HAVE LIMITED CHAIRS AVAILABLE.

To hold the event we need at least 15 people to sign up… we will cut the class off at 25.

If you have any questions please call the Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School at 480-285-7661.  

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